Why has Bitcoin value?

Understanding the value of Bitcoin means recognizing its properties as useful. Bitcoins value is of subjective nature. To understand what this means, we must dig deep. We need to know how Bitcoin is created and why its properties contribute to its price. Every average person sees that Bitcoin has no commodity that it is backedContinue reading “Why has Bitcoin value?”

A 3-minute guide on how to start trading cryptocurrencies

A beginner-guide to trend-trading cryptocurrencies Trading cryptocurrencies can be a nerve-wracking experience. It involves you being busy doing your due diligence all the time, but you probably are scared off by the rate of volatility that cryptocurrencies offer. This guide will educate you to do the right thing and trade clear patterns that dramatically reduceContinue reading “A 3-minute guide on how to start trading cryptocurrencies”

Why we should stop and reconsider our monetary system

Asset-classes worldwide are increasing in value, while every inflationist country is pumping more and more money into its communities, many will nonetheless lose their jobs. All this causes the gap between poor and rich to become as straightforward as it has never been before. Money is printed and handed out as if the world wouldContinue reading “Why we should stop and reconsider our monetary system”

Why you should care about inflation and why Bitcoin matters

How often have I heard the sentence, “we need inflation so prices can increase”? Uncountable times. Inflation is seen and understood as a good thing in many economists’ and politicians’ minds. Inflationists institutionalized our economies for 100 years and have twisted the average consumer’s mind. The indoctrination of the inflationist mind has blinded the consumerContinue reading “Why you should care about inflation and why Bitcoin matters”

Why should you NOT buy Bitcoin

I feel the storm, a breeze whips my face, the wrath of the community is entering this post. I am scared, I am trying to run, but the angry mob of Bitcoiners chases me, hunting me down, help me… As many of my followers know by now, I am a Bitcoin fanatic. This post hasContinue reading “Why should you NOT buy Bitcoin”