Why you should care about inflation and why Bitcoin matters

How often have I heard the sentence, “we need inflation so prices can increase”? Uncountable times. Inflation is seen and understood as a good thing in many economists’ and politicians’ minds. Inflationists institutionalized our economies for 100 years and have twisted the average consumer’s mind. The indoctrination of the inflationist mind has blinded the consumerContinue reading “Why you should care about inflation and why Bitcoin matters”

Why should you NOT buy Bitcoin

I feel the storm, a breeze whips my face, the wrath of the community is entering this post. I am scared, I am trying to run, but the angry mob of Bitcoiners chases me, hunting me down, help me… As many of my followers know by now, I am a Bitcoin fanatic. This post hasContinue reading “Why should you NOT buy Bitcoin”

How I approach the cryptocurrency market, a step-by-step guide

No magic, just the way I do it.  Investing and trading have become my passion. The sheer amount of time I have invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets is not comparable to anything else I did in my leisure time last year. The lockdown really gave me the perfect opportunity to sit down, findContinue reading “How I approach the cryptocurrency market, a step-by-step guide”

I bought my first Bitcoin with 22, here is what I learned

My new workplace in my office was in a different room with entirely new faces sitting next to me, due to corona I got seated away. A co-worker and I got into a casual talk; we did not know each other at all. Nothing was going on at work, so we had a lot ofContinue reading “I bought my first Bitcoin with 22, here is what I learned”

3 reasons why new traders or investors fail

Here are some “Do not do” while starting out trading or investing. Trading and investing is not easy; it takes time and can be nerve-wracking. Keeping a calm mind and doing what you are supposed to do are crucial to success while exchanging. However, human psychology often does not work like that. We tend toContinue reading “3 reasons why new traders or investors fail”