How to buy a full Bitcoin

We cannot build a time machine. Traveling back 10 years from now and buying Bitcoin does not work. All we are left with is watching Bitcoin’s price skyrocket away, leaving us enjoying the ride and being sad about the price Bitcoin will never go back to, and we missed the chance of buying it. PossessingContinue reading “How to buy a full Bitcoin”

How to stop worrying about the Bitcoin pullback

Bitcoin panic is notorious. People are terrified by the idea that Bitcoin can go in a bearish direction. As soon as Bitcoin abandons its trend in a bull market, panic picks up. The bloodbath after 2018 has still left its scars on many Bitcoiners. Therefore, it is a common sight to people selling out ofContinue reading “How to stop worrying about the Bitcoin pullback”

Why will Bitcoin win?

This article is a thought-experiment and by no means fact.  For a long time, human beings have told themselves that if we can control something and bend its workings’ rules to our advantage, we would exploit it ethically (or not). By exploitation, we often enriched ourselves and never really thought about the consequences of doingContinue reading “Why will Bitcoin win?”