Mentoring with Yves

Let’s get in touch

Are you interested in becoming a cryptocurrency trader?

I am looking for people willing to be mentored. Becoming a crypto trader nowadays is not hard. Becoming a successful trader is a real challenge. Are you up for it?

I offer day to day mentoring as a service. It doesn’t matter whether you have experience and you are just looking for someone fun to trade with, or if you are a complete newbie and haven’t even bought your first coin. I will guide you through the hard part and show you exactly how to look at the market. Day to day chat activity and the ability to get direct feedback for your trading that is tailored to your specific approach will help you become better at trading. If you are interested in booking a 15 min talk for free with me, just send me a message and let us book a date! If you have further questions, email me at

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