How to scan the market 09.03.2021

Bitcoin has been pushing above 54k, smashing its previous higher high and reviving the Bullrun sentiment. Will we see the Bullrun coming back now?

How to scan the market 04.03.2021

Bitcoin has pullback to 50k and into the 4h cradle zone. Is this the second trend confirmation, and will we see the coin smashing through some all-time highs very soon?

How to scan the market 03.03.2021

An in-depth analysis of Bitcoin and how it got to move to set a new uptrend in this slowly recovering market. This pullback starts to feel healthy, and therefore, I am very optimistic about the market.

How to scan the market 26.02.2021

Bitcoin is pulling back as all the other significant coins too, is this the end of a fantastic run?
Thank you to all of my followers and regular listeners. You guys really motivate me to get up every day and do this analysis for you!

How to scan the market 23.02.2021

The markets are blood bathing. I hope you guys manage your risk keeping an eye on the development. There is no great deal of panicking necessary as long as we stay in the Moving Average region.