How to scan the market 24.03.2021

We are staying above 52k for now. With Tesla accepting Bitcoin as payment and the discussion of digital assets finally being hold in the federal reserve, the bears have a terrible day coming at them.

How to scan the market 22.03.2021

Bitcoin is looking more bearish this week than it did last week. Are we entering a consolidation phase? If we hold above 52k, this could be considered a resting pause to move to the higher.

How to scan the market 17.03.2021

Bitcoin in a pullback, is this a breather or a consolidation phase? While Bitcoin is undecided, Coinbase announces the adoption of ADA, shooting its price into space.

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How to scan the market 10.03.2021

Bitcoin has crushed 55k, volatility has picked up overnight, and has pushed many of the major coins back into the 4h cradle zone. Is this the beginning of a magical run?