The crypto-glossary everyone needs to have

The cryptocurrency vocabulary guide:Digital assets offer a fresh alternative to the traditional markets; however, it is more important than ever to do your due diligence and homework about the coins you want to invest in. To understand cryptocurrencies, it takes a lot of time and effort to find the relevant information that lets you knowContinue reading “The crypto-glossary everyone needs to have”

Yves talks Bitcoin Podcast

This is the official Yves talks Bitcoin Podcast, here you will find every new episode posted weekly and daily. This Podcast will cover everything from trading and investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but it will also focus on the economics behind Bitcoin and Austrian economics. Moreover, it will be covering tips and tricks for mentalContinue reading “Yves talks Bitcoin Podcast”

What is a risk assessment?

Risk assessment describes how hazards are identified and analyzed that may cause a negative outturn in the planned process. Potential negative impacts on individuals, assets, or a company are assessed and eliminated or avoided. Risk assessment while trading is looking for factors that keep you out of a trade. Hazards or unusual movements are quicklyContinue reading “What is a risk assessment?”

Trading and Investing

What is day trading/ swing trading? Yves Hofstetter1 day ago·5 min read Day trading is the selling and buying financial tools and buying or selling them within the same day. Short-term action and lower timeframes are used to execute strategies based on indicators and trigger signals. Whereas swing trading is the buying and selling ofContinue reading “Trading and Investing”

What is hardcore punk?

Hardcore Punk is a subgenre of Punk that originated in North America in the late 1970s, since then it has been spreading through the world like a contagious virus, mutating everywhere it went. Hardcore Punk has been reborn in so many ways, and I am not talking about the soft, lame, and self-proclaimed HC-Punk thatContinue reading “What is hardcore punk?”

Why using a Stop-Loss is crucial while trading?

The most common misjudgment of volatility always happens when people think using a Stop-Loss is not necessary. A Stoploss is a trigger that takes you out of a trade because the trade outcome is negative. This trigger will take out the value you decide and convert it into your standard currency. Using one effectively meansContinue reading “Why using a Stop-Loss is crucial while trading?”

How to start a business with cryptocurrencies

How to start a business? March 2020. The pandemic was raging through Europe and forced me to go into the home office. Due to the insane amount of extra time, I thought to myself: how to start an online business? The answer is, there are thousands of options. There are many ways to make moneyContinue reading “How to start a business with cryptocurrencies”