3 reasons why Bitcoin is bull-running

Let us get the terminology straight first, what is a bull run?  A bull-run is an increase in the value of a cryptocurrency over a long period of time. And since the price is rising, direct demand is increasing too. The longer a bull run is, the more people enter the market and join theContinue reading “3 reasons why Bitcoin is bull-running”

5 steps to self-improve

Self-improvement is a lifelong venture. Many people see it as a momentary change of thought but thinking about the long-term aspects of one’s personality is more than just transient. To be able to improve yourself, you must understand the meaning of self-improvement. It is an effort to grow one’s knowledge, status, or character. The learningContinue reading “5 steps to self-improve”

The crypto-glossary everyone needs to have

The cryptocurrency vocabulary guide:Digital assets offer a fresh alternative to the traditional markets; however, it is more important than ever to do your due diligence and homework about the coins you want to invest in. To understand cryptocurrencies, it takes a lot of time and effort to find the relevant information that lets you knowContinue reading “The crypto-glossary everyone needs to have”

Yves talks Bitcoin Podcast

This is the official Yves talks Bitcoin Podcast, here you will find every new episode posted weekly and daily. This Podcast will cover everything from trading and investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but it will also focus on the economics behind Bitcoin and Austrian economics. Moreover, it will be covering tips and tricks for mentalContinue reading “Yves talks Bitcoin Podcast”

What is a risk assessment?

Risk assessment describes how hazards are identified and analyzed that may cause a negative outturn in the planned process. Potential negative impacts on individuals, assets, or a company are assessed and eliminated or avoided. Risk assessment while trading is looking for factors that keep you out of a trade. Hazards or unusual movements are quicklyContinue reading “What is a risk assessment?”