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This blog is dedicated to Bitcoin and the financial revolution it is causing. Everything will be covered here, from how to start a business to trade and invest, all related to cryptocurrencies. Join the newsletter and get free access to my trading strategies and my latest educational emails.

Are you new to trading? Do cryptocurrencies interest you? Look no further!

Are you new to trading? Do cryptocurrencies interest you? Look no further!
Let me help you become a trader or investor in crypto. This blog will provide daily updates, news, and facts about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and economics. There are two segments; the crypto blog is my blog dedicated to cryptocurrencies and my latest tips and tricks. My general blog will be my experimental writing blog, here will be published topics from fashion to self-improvement, so if you need any inspiration, be sure to check it out.
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Most recent blog posts:

How to scan the market 26.02.2021

Bitcoin is pulling back as all the other significant coins too, is this the end of a fantastic run?Thank you to all of my followers and regular listeners. You guys really motivate me to get up every day and do this analysis for you!

How to scan the market 23.02.2021

The markets are blood bathing. I hope you guys manage your risk keeping an eye on the development. There is no great deal of panicking necessary as long as we stay in the Moving Average region.